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We are pleased to confirm that Tattersalls Committee has been approved as an official 'ADR Entity' pursuant to the EU Directive on Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Tattersalls Committee has adopted a formal set of Rules and Procedure to assist its adjudication decisions and to inform the parties involved in the betting dispute about the adjudication process. These Rules and Procedure may be downloaded by clicking here

Both parties involved in the betting dispute must agree to be bound by the Adjudication Rules and Procedure. Any party which refuses to comply with this requirement will be barred from using the Committee’s adjudication service in the future. In the case of a bookmaker who refuses to comply, the Committee will inform the Gambling Commission, as the bookmaker may be in breach of his/her licence conditions.

The Committee will treat the claimant and respondent equally, giving them both the opportunity to state their case and comment on any points raised by the other party.  The Committee members will then examine the evidence (both written and oral, as appropriate) and seek further input from both parties if necessary.  Once the evidence base is complete, the Committee members will then use their knowledge and experience to reach a decision based on the Committee's adjudication principles.  Awards of up to £10,000 are binding on the respondent but not on the claimant.  In rare cases, the Committee may award compensation to the claimant if the dispute has caused significant distress (for instance stress or mental suffering), inconvenience or damage to reputation.

The Committee’s adjudication decision is final and there is no provision to appeal other than where the claimant or respondent can demonstrate that significant new evidence not available at the original hearing has come to light.  Statutory rights are not affected.

The average time taken to adjudicate on cases of dispute in 2019-20 was just nine days following completion of the case file. However participants should note that the process allows for a maximum of six weeks for the written submissions to be lodged and the case file to be completed.

The next date when Tattersalls Committee will meet to hear betting disputes is as follows: - 

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